Neca: when you think in strawberries

NECA is a brand that represents everything we want and imagine when we mention the word "strawberry". All of our work, our efforts and our hopes are set to grow and produce delicious fruit. We watch them grow and ripen to carefully pick them from the plants and place them in the boxes that will travel to thousands of homes for many families to enjoy.

NECA is characterized by the production and distribution of selected strawberry varieties, carefully crafted and presented to satisfy the most demanding markets. Our brand is synonymous of a concept that we have been developing for years, excellence in quality, in every aspect... when it comes to fruit.

NECA ...when you think in strawberries.

Our Varieties

Presentation is very important

NECA is especially careful when picking the best strawberries, red, shiny, firm, healthy, clean, with intense aroma and sweet, distinctive and delicious flavour. All of our agricultural practices are take into consideration the protection of our natural resources, soil and water. We understand the importance of producing in a sustainable way, in harmony with the natural environment.

NECA in addition to attempting to get only the best fruit that nature can provide, takes care of the packing, carefully placing each piece of fruit, one by one, in the boxes that go from farm to table. This process is particularly detailed, made with care and dedication to make the fruit look unique in appearance while avoiding bruises that transporting might cause, this way our fruit arrives intact to destination.

For NECA presentation is key, especially when it is a delicate, attractive and highly desired product for the whole family. Our fruit is served in wooden boxes of 1kg, 2kg with plastic cover and plastic punnets of various capacities.

Strawberry: what makes the difference?

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